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1. Neural Network Verification with DSE

  • Published 28-12-2023
  • Authors: Benedikt Böing, Falk Howar, Jelle Hüntelmann, Emmanuel Müller, and Richard Stewing
  • Presented at Overlay 2022 (by Simon Lutz)
Neural network with Linear and ReLU nodes can be represented as
sequential linear programs that are simple in structure but have many
program paths: different combinations of ReLU activations correspond
to paths in the corresponding program. Naive applications of
conventional program analysis techniques for proving properties of
such networks are hampered by the expontential number of activation
patterns (i.e., program paths). In this paper, we explore a technique
for scaling verification by decomposing the verification task into
first finding feasible paths and then proving properties for
individual paths, resulting in multiple small verification tasks
(compared to monolithic analysis of the network). Moreover, this
enables horizontal scaling, i.e., parallel execution, further
decreasing analysis time. Finally, the proposed decomposition allows
us to reuse a once computed set of feasible paths for the verfication
of multiple properties, compounding performance gains when checking
multiple properties on the same network.